One of the most important elements of Roots Education is the authentic European-style cuisine, with two experienced chefs, who put in a great effort to prepare a variety of nutritious meals for all the children everyday.

We carefully select each product to ensure that our chefs are working with fresh, quality ingredients. We buy only fresh, never frozen, meat from a reliable source, and high-quality cheese, milk and breads; our fresh produce comes from the daily offer of local markets.

Our recently renovated kitchen is fully equipped with a professional, fully disinfecting dishwasher, temperature-control professional refrigerators, and two new ovens and stovetops.

Our Cooks

Our experienced chefs take great care to prepare a variety of nutiritious and delicious meals and snacks, fresh from scratch:

  • Line Cook: Nazokat Shamsieva
  • Line Cook: Irina Lazarevskaia
  • Assistants: Mariana Gusevatii and Anna Cherkasova

Sample Menu

Our menu is rotated weekly, designed to be varied in flavour and texture, to appease young taste buds. Here are just some of the delicious options made fresh for our children:
  • Bagels with cream cheese, semolina porridge, seasonal fruits
  • Homemade baked omelet, milk-noodle soup, fruits
  • Hot Oatmeal, fruits
  • Homemade Belgian waffles with maple syrup, fruits
  • Cereal with milk, rice porridge, fruits
  • Chicken noodle soup, chicken teriyaki with brown rice, veggies
  • Yellow split-pea soup, fish patties with mashed potatoes, veggies
  • Lentil soup, Pasta with ground beef, veggies
  • Chicken vermicelli soup, chicken cutlets, buckwheat, veggies
  • Borscht, rice pilaf with chicken or beef, veggies
Afternoon Snack:
  • Crackers with cream cheese, fruits
  • Flavored Yogurt, buns, fruits
  • Freshly baked muffins, fruits
  • Mini croissants with cheese cubes, fruits
  • Apple sauce, cookies, fruits
Snack (for after-school program only):
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches, veggies
  • Croissants with turkey breast, veggies
  • Bagels with cream cheese, veggies
  • Buns with cheese, veggies
  • Pizza, veggies