Category Toddlers
Age 1.5-2.5 y/o
Class size Up to 15
Rooms Butterfly Room

Our curious toddlers will learn basic routines, develop social skills and enjoy a variety of learning experiences through play in a safe and loving environment. Their days are filled with laughter and learning.

Class Structure

Teachers at Roots are trained to support toddlers through each developmental phase as they learn to master new skills and reach developmental milestones.

Programs are designed for hands on learning and exploration for all areas of development.

The classroom is equipped with toddler-size furniture and materials to create a safe environment where children are encouraged to confidently explore their surroundings.

Program Features

Our programs are specifically designed to optimize learning and development for each age group. Emphasis in toddler program is on the following features:

  • Hands on art, sensory, music & dramatic play experiences
  • Early language, literacy and basic math concept
  • Development of self-help skills
  • Two hours of rest time to recharge for the afternoon
  • Two hours of daily outdoor fun
  • Indoor gym time for inclement weather days
  • Introduction to French through songs and games
  • Weekly Storytime class: dramatic reading, puppet show re-enacting classic fairytales
Fee Schedule

Our current monthly fee schedule is as follows:

  • Full time program: $1,400.00

Other Groups

Preschool Group at Roots Daycare
Preschool Group

Our preschool group is split into Junior and Senior Preschool rooms by age.

Age 2.5-4 y/o
Class size Up to 16
Kindergarten at Roots Daycare

Our Kindergarten program transitions kids into the full-time school routine.

Age 4-6.5 y/o
Class size Up to 18