Directors' Message

"At our educational centre, your child will be greeted with a genuine smile and open arms. Education is not just our business—it's our calling. The foundational belief of Roots Education is that educated children raised in an environment of love, understanding and respect become valuable, benevolent citizens of the world. We rely on timeless lessons found in history, literature, and the wonders of nature to raise children who are not only happy and well-rounded, but forces of good in their communities and society at large. Educating children is a major responsibility that we do not take lightly, and if you take the time to meet us, we are confident you will agree that we are up to the challenge."

Sincerely, Ioulia Chadrina and Anastassia Mikoian Directors of Roots Education

Our History

Roots Education was born in 2005, starting with a group of Russian-speaking children

Roots Education was born in 2005. In its humble beginnings, Roots was comprised of small Russian language and literature lessons taught out of two rooms rented from the Toronto Waldorf School. The courses were an instant success with the local Russian community, and after only one year, we were able to open our first independent learning centre in the heart of Old Thornhill.

Just over five years later, the demand for Roots' educational services forced us to move to an even larger space in Thornhill Woods—this time, in walking distance of the local Russian-speaking community. As the breadth our educational offerings steadily increased, and with it our student base, we found ourselves bombarded with inquiries from parents who wondered whether Roots would ever open a full-time school and daycare, expressing that they wished their children to be in the full-time care of our teachers, the passionate educators they had come to know and trust.

After six years at our Thornhill Woods location, we realized that we had once again outgrown our space and began searching for a purpose-built, freestanding building that would house a full-time program. In 2017, the search was finally over. We purchased a beautiful, spacious two-storey building built especially for educational purposes. Following a complete renovation, Roots as it currently stands opened its doors, and we unveiled our full-time private elementary school and daycare to run alongside our existing Russian educational program.

We are enormously grateful for the support we have received from our community thus far, and have every confidence that we will carry on serving our community well into the future with the continuation and expansion of our services.