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A loving and nurturing environment to foster creativity and growth. We have programs geared for Toddlers, Preschool, JK, and SK.

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Since 2018, we are proud to offer an exceptional curriculum and learning experience for children in our elementary programs, SK through grade 8.

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Founded in 2005, our Russian language educational centre offers programming for kids from 18 months through 17 years old.

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Welcome to
Roots Private School & Daycare

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our multicultural identity. We aim to give children an education that will allow them to feel confident and comfortable wherever their future brings them, and to feel equally free interacting with peers from all around the world.

Our specialists have developed a program that not only covers Canada's educational curriculum in its entirety, but enhances it. We explore the humanities and STEM disciplines with equal vigour, since our strength as an internationally-minded program lies in our focus on a well-rounded education. We also aim to inform our students' ethical development, emphasizing kindness, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

Our fully-licensed bilingual English/Russian Roots Daycare is a great place for children with a Russian background to begin their transition into students with a wide array of skills that they will need for their future educational journeys. Aside from the excellent care, fresh meals prepared daily at the school kitchen, and numerous celebrations, children of Roots Daycare receive an enriched education. The program includes English, French and Russian; math and science; music, drama, dance and puppet shows, and more.


School Events

Roots Private School Programs

Our educators have created an enriched curriculum in Math, Science and all languages
to help our kids succeed in all aspects of their school career.

Enriched Math Curriculum

Advanced olympic math program developed by experienced and engaging educators.

Advanced Language Arts Program

English, French and Russian language and masterpieces of world literature, key to language arts and personal development.

Science & Nature Studies

Extended science curriculum with separate emphasis on Nature Studies and hands-on learning.

Arts Program

Extensive arts program with Art, Music, Vocal, and Drama classes and after-school activities.

Sports and Outdoor

Daily outdoor play time in nearby green park, and weekly sports activities include yoga, dance, swimming and skating.

Educational Field Trips

Monthly school-wide field trips specifically selected to enrich childrens' learning, in accordance with Ontario curriculum.


We welcome registration to all of our programs for the upcoming year.

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Roots Daycare Activities

We believe that extra-curricular activities are one of the many ways that set sour childcare centre apart from the rest.
Various learning experiences and exposure to different arts such as music, drama, different languages, and much more
are provided in our weekly curriculum for the children in our care.

Bonjour, Privet!

Roots Daycare offers learning programs in French and Russian. Learning a second language allows children to improve their memory and listening skills. Experienced teachers specialized in each language use music, crafts and dramatic play to captivate young minds.

Music Program

The Music Program is specifically designed by a professional Music Teacher and implemented twice a week for each age group. Children are introduced to rhythm, beat, tempo and a variety of musical styles and genres with opportunities to sing, dance and move creatively.

Drama and Storytime

Drama is an important part of our curriculum because it teaches children valuable interactive skills while allowing them to have fun, build confidence, stretch their imagination. We teach children the art of telling stories through live acting, articulation, and voice variation.

ABC-123 Jingles

Each week we focus on teaching your child a different letter and a number. They will participate in crafts, stories, songs and active games centered around the letter or number of the week. This Program is designed to help Children achieve language development, comprehension and thinking skills.

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