Valeria Kouznetsova


Instructor: Art and History of Art.

Education: Moscow Architectural Institute, Faculty of Art History and Architecture.

Academy of Design, Toronto, Faculty of Computer Animation

Seneca College, Toronto, Faculty of Child Development with a focus on children with special needs

Institute of Art Therapy, Toronto, Art Therapy and Trauma

Over 17 years of combined teaching experience in Russia and Canada.

“Art is very diverse. There is painting, drawing, and sculpture, but first and foremost there is the expansive world inside each child who explores creative ideas. Children only begin to learn the world, to recognize themselves, other people. The idea behind teaching art is to let each child’s inner world burst out into our world, allowing that child to tell us about their ideas and experiences in a creative way.

In our lessons, we get acquainted with the works of masters and with artistic styles. We learn how to be open to art, to love it, to see it both in  detail and holistically.

My goal is to awaken children’s interest in art so that they learn to see with a trained eye, but also to reflect. It is my aim that they become not just listeners, but interested interlocutors who are ready to seek answers around themselves and imbue what they see into their own works.”