Tatjana Jasinskaja


Instructor: Russian Language and Literature for school-aged children, Russian as a Second Language (for any level), “The World Around Us”

Education: Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (RATI – GITIS), Moscow, Faculty of Theatre Studies.

Journalist, editor, art critic and translator (from Lithuanian and English into Russian)

Member of the Union of Journalists of the USSR since 1977, the International Union of Journalists – since 2001.

10 years of combined teaching experience in Lithuania and Canada.

“All my life I enjoyed using and continue to use the Russian language, to use it to speak about different people, phenomena and events; compare and match it with other languages; to marvel at its flexibility, depth, expressiveness; to preserve ancient Slavic roots and at the same time vigorously master new concepts, to comprehend the problems of all mankind. My experience of living in multilingual Lithuania convinced me that bilingualism or the early development of two or more languages ​​is an incredible boon to all who are fortunate to do so, like us here in Canada. It’s never too early to learn. And it’s never too late.”