Roots Education’s Private Elementary School program


Roots Education’s Private Elementary School program is based on the success of its original educational centre, which has operated since 2005.

As Canadians, we pride ourselves on our multicultural identity. We aim to give children an education that will allow them to feel confident and comfortable wherever their future brings them, and to feel equally free interacting with peers from all around the world.

Our specialists have developed a program that not only covers Canada’s educational curriculum in its entirety, but enhances it. We explore the humanities and STEM disciplines with equal vigour, since our strength as an internationally-minded program lies in our focus on a well-rounded education. We also aim to inform our students’ ethical development, emphasizing kindness, tolerance, and open-mindedness.

To this end, we often rely on the strength of our literature program by extrapolating from characters and scenarios in great works of literature. Our students program have the opportunity to experience world literature in three languages—English, French, and Russian (for those with a Russian background or the desire to learn Russian as a second language).

The program is designed such that children develop a vested interest in learning the material presented to them. Rather than relying on rote learning, Roots Education employs games, logical puzzles, role play, and other engaging activities that promote not only a thorough understanding of the material, but cultivate a high level of erudition and logical reasoning. We believe that this is the best way to help students realize their intellectual and artistic potential.

Our educational program is bolstered by a high-quality learning environment. Bright, spacious classrooms fill our two-storey building, with wide, safe staircases, and convenient parking. Our building is in two-minute walking distance to a beautiful play area with open fields and a playground, as well as to a community centre with a pool, sports arena, and library.

Given all of the above, we believe that our institution is well-equipped to become a valuable part of our local multicultural community.

Ioulia Chadrina and Anastassia Mikoian
Directors of Roots Education

Main Curriculum

• English Language, French Language
• World Literature (in English, French, and Russian)
• Mathematics and Logic
• World Geography and History
• Social Studies
• Natural Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology
• Music: History of Music, Vocal, Choir
• Art: Visual Art, Art History
• Physical Education

Extracurricular Activities

• Russian Language
• Rhetoric
• Drama Studio
• Singing and Songwriting on the Guitar
• Arts and Crafts
• Construction with Kids Love Tech (
• Chess
• Creative Movement: Yoga, Dance, and Choreography
• Scratch (Programming Language) for Kids (