Natalya Khomutova


Instructor: History of Russia from Ancient to Modern times, Art,  and “The World Around Us”

Education: National University of Kyiv. Faculty of History and  Museology with the right to teach history in educational institutions.

Worked as a guide, scientific researcher, and lecturer in the world-famous historical and cultural reserve Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.

More then 10 years of work experience as a teacher in Canada.

“I begin my history lessons with the wise words of N.M. Karamzin: “History is in some sense the sacred book of all people: the main, necessary; a mirror of their being and activity: the table of revelations and rules; the covenant of ancestors to posterity; addition, an explanation of the present and an example of the future “. (N.M.Karamzin.Definitions of the ages.Transcriptions, legends, stories from the “History of the Russian state”. Moscow, Pravda Publishers .1988.p.31)

The purpose of my lessons is to evoke a sense of unity with generations past in my students; to teach them to “see and hear” the events of antiquity, to be invisible participants in these events; to teach them to judge and appreciate the actions of our ancestors. I firmly believe in what the Canadian poet Glen Sorestad wrote on this subject: “The world begins and ends in memory; what I remember is what I am ” Knowledge of history will give children the understanding that they are links in an unbroken chain of generations and they are participants in the creation of this chain.

My main approach to conducting art lessons and the “The World Around Us” is to give the children the opportunity for self-expression; and likewise to teach them to feel themselves as part of our World, to teach them to cherish it and adorn it with kind thoughts and deeds.”